NSConference MINI 2010 Sessions Online

This year, European developers had a hard time attending the WWDC, Apple’s developers conference. The announcement was to late, forcing developers to arrange an entire inter continental trip in a relative short amount of time. There was also the pretty steep price and of course it was sold out within just 8 days!

Luckily the community took care of us. The Mac Developer Network hosted a mini NSConference during WWDC. Wanting to help out, I gave a talk about the Cappuccino frameworks.

My session and all the others given during NSConference MINI are now available at the Mac Developer Network website. You can get all of the sessions in one pack for 50 dollars1.

  1. As far as I’m aware there’s no way to buy individual sessions, so if you’re only interested in one talk you’re still going to have to pay the full sum for all the sessions. 

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