Announcing autonib2cib

Some time ago I posted a gist for a command line utility that automatically nib2cibs changed nibs. During the weekend I’ve rewritten the utility, making it more reliable with newly created nibs and nibs containing resources.

I’ve also moved the code (all 100 lines of it) from the gist to it’s own github repo. If you have a feature request or find a bug, please create an issue or even better, a pull request.

Take a look at the README for installation instructions. After installing you can start monitoring your nibs by running autonib2cib <resource directory> in your terminal.

Cappuccino has been very successful at preserving the customary ‘code and refresh’ workflow for web developers. However, as any developer with more than a handful of cibs knows, having to manually run nib2cib breaks this workflow. Autonib2cib will solve this problem by automating the nib2cib process.

This project is maintained by klaaspieter